1. Make sure the Bluetooth in the hidden condition mode

If you have a Bluetooth mobile phone, make sure that these features are hidden in the invisible mode, or to prevent other Bluetooth devices to detect your device unless you really will. In addition, turn off Bluetooth when not in use. This step will be enough to protect your phone from virus attacks that spread through Bluetooth.

2. Be careful receive from foreign sender

When a accepting applications sent via Bluetooth or MMS to open the attachment, be careful of the possibility of malicious programs. Make sure the attachment originated from trusted sources. Even if the attachment originated from a friend, you better not open it and remove them if there is content that is not familiar.

3. Download from trusted sources

Make sure you always download content from a trusted source of official threats. However, be careful because the hacker can make the source of download like trusted indeed.

4. Use anti virus

Some have been offered special software to keep your phone from the threat of viruses. Use if you feel need.

5. Contact your phone producers

If you think your mobile phone has been infected, immediately contact your mobile phone producers to take appropriate steps to avoid the damage.