If you get a popup telling you your Virtual minimum memory is too low, often when doing a task that requires lot of RAM (such as photoshop) you may need to increase the virtual memory.

Virtual memory is simply a space on your harddrive, which is used in case your RAM fills up. RAM or virtual memory is used to store temporary data for whatever you are doing on the computer at that moment, as it speeds up the process. RAM is faster than a harddrive, thus faster than virtual memory. But virtual memory is a cheap alternative to RAM.

There are several solutions:

1. Close down any programs you are not using to free up memory.

2. Increase your page file:

Right click My computer and go to Properties
Take a note of how much RAM your computer has, it will be displayed in the lower part of the General tab in My Computer
Go to Advanced, under Performance click Settings
In Performance Options go to Advanced and under Virtual Memory press Change

By default Windows automatically controls the page file, but you can set it manually, clect Custom size and for optimum performance, the Initial size (MB) should be 1.5 times your RAM. The maximum should be 2 times your RAM, although you can set it up to 4096MB.

3. Increase your RAM, although depending on the computer you have, this may not be a cheap option and will require opening up your computer. Check out the upgrading part of hardware problems.