1. Block Ads in Internet Explorer

Download IE7PRO
IE7PRO Ad Blocker

To block Ads in Internet Explorer, you need to use IE7PRO’s built in Ad Blocker. After installing IE7PRO, just enable the Ad Blocker by going to Tools > IE7PRO Preferences > Ad Blocker and most Ads will be automatically blocked. If it misses out on some Ads, just visit that site, right click the IE7PRO icon on the extreme right of the Status bar > Ad Blocker Advanced > View Filter Info > Select the Ad Frame > Add Rule > Add to URL Block Filter.

2. Block Ads in Firefox

Download AdBlock Plus
Adblock Plus Filter List

Blocking Ads in Firefox is the easiest in all of the three, which is one of the many reasons why Firefox is so popular. You just need to download the Adblock Plusextension and install it. On finishing installation, just select any filter from the top five, preferably Easy List and all Ads will be blocked as long as Adblock Plus is enabled. You can get the full list of filters here : http://adblockplus.org/en/subscriptions. Just click on the Subscribe link and add it to your filters.

If ABP misses out on some Ads, you can block them yourself by visiting that page, and Right Clicking that Ad > Adblock Frame.

3. Block Ads in Opera

Tamil’s Ad Block for Opera

To block Ads in Opera, you just need to use Tamil’s Ad Block Filters. Create a new file called urlfilter.ini and place it in the User Profile directory: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile. Edit the urlfilter.ini file to include filter code.