Task management can be a bit of a hard thing to overcome for those of us born without super memory powers. We can forget to write a simple note, a quick reminder, or a small letter and an entire day could be lost.

Luckily there is a program that can help you keep track of appointments, tasks, notes, and memos. It’s a Windows-based desktop app called To-Do-Desklist.

This app can help you tackle those everyday to-do tasks by allowing you to store notes, reminders, and thoughts that will pop up on your desktop when you need them to.

The creators of this app modeled it after real life situations. For example if you’re at home and a note happens to pop into your mind, you can quickly enter it in your To-Do-Desklist software and effectively be reminded at a later time.

How it Works

With this task management tool you can quickly and effectively save appointments, events, dates, thoughts and more. The program displays all pending tasks as notification messages that pop-up on your desktop. You’ll be able to easily review them and mark them as completed when necessary by clicking on a small check mark in the reminder. You can also customize these notifications to match the feel of your desktops wallpaper and theme.

An important feature is the assigning of priority levels; To-Do Desklist carries this feature, and it allows you to edit a to-do’s priority anytime.

You can also set To-Do Desklist’s reminder option to manage the times when you’d like your notifications to pop-up on the lower right hand corner of your desktop.

With this quick and effective desktop app you can set important dates and events in an effective way that will help you become or remain a bit more organized. While To-Do-Desklist does not guarantee anyone’s ability to remain organized, it may help you in your quest to establish better organizational skills. With To-Do Desklist you’re able to take control of your notifications anytime or any day.

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