If you’re looking for an easy way to transfer your files and Windows settings and other software preferences from one computer to another, Magic Transfer is a tool that you must check out

Magic Transfer is freeware, comes at less than 1 MB and helps you transfer your files and settings from one computer to another. Once installed, launch the program, click ‘Backup’ and select the items that you want to back up. You’ll notice that Magic Transfer gives you options to backup:

* Internet Explorer Favourites, Cookies, History and Settings
* Firefox Bookmarks, Plugins and Extensions and Settings
* Outlook Express Address Book, Mail Folders, Accounts and Settings
* System Keyboard, Appearance and Mouse settings, Desktop, Quick Launch and Start Menu shortcuts among other things
* Files that you specify

Magic Transfer also gives you an estimate of how much space these would take when backed up.

Now, click the backup button on the bottom of the window and specify a folder where the backup should be stored

Now, just copy this folder in a CD or USB key and when you’re on your other computer, install Magic Transfer, hit the Restore button and point to the location of the folder where the backup is present.

All backed up settings will be restored. Magic Transfer might come into good use if you’re reinstalling Windows. I only wish Magic Transfer improves and gives more options to backup settings of many other programs, not just Firefox, IE and Outlook Express.