Quickly Access Address Bar – alt+D

Disable Script Debugging
1. Start Internet Explorer
2. Go to Tools / Internet Options
3. Click on the Advanced tab
4. Under the Browsing section, check Disable script debugging and uncheck Display notification about every script error

Use Your Own Style Sheet for All Web Pages

1. Select Tools / Internet Options
2. Click on the Accessibility button
3. Check Format documents using my style sheet
4. Browse to the location of the style sheet you want to use

Scroll Through Web Pages Easily
Space Bar –> Page Down

Shift + Space Bar –> Page Up

Change Font Size
Hold down CTRL key and use the mouse wheel to increase/decrease font size

Internet Explorer – Full Screen Mode
Hit F11 key. Hit F11 key again to exit full screen mode

Close Multiple Windows
Some web sites open up multiple windows, Prefer Ctrl+W keys tha than Alt + F4 to close the windows. It works better.

Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

HOME Move to the beginning of a document
END Move to the end of a document
CTRL+F Find on this page
F11 Toggle between Full Screen/ regular
TAB Move forward through the items
SHIFT+TAB Move back through the items
ALT+HOME Go to your Home page
ALT+RIGHT ARROW Go to the next page
BACKSPACE Go to the previous page
SHIFT+F10 Display a shortcut menu for a link
F6 Move forward between frames
SHIFT+CTRL+TAB Move back between frames
UP ARROW Scroll toward the beginning of a document
DOWN ARROW Scroll toward the end of a document
PAGE UP Scroll toward the beginning of a document in larger increments
PAGE DOWN Scroll toward the end of a document in larger increments
ESC Stop downloading a page
CTRL+L Go to a new location
CTRL+N Open a new window
CTRL+W Close the current window
CTRL+S Save the current page
CTRL+P Print the current page or active frame
ENTER Activate a selected link
CTRL+E Open Search in Explorer bar
CTRL+I Open Favorites in Explorer bar
CTRL+H Open History in Explorer bar