Over time a lot of temporary files and other clutter gets accumulated in your hard disk…. which eat up a lot of space …. So here are some tips to clean them up

1.First open your search and search your System partition (For NOOBS :- System partition is the partition where your Windows is installed) using the following string *.chk,*.tmp … You will get thousands of file … just delete them ….

2.Or go to i)%system%\Windows\temp and ii) %system%\Documents and settings\\Local settings\temp and delete all the contents in both the folders…

3.If you have enabled hibernation and if you never hibernate …. You can disable it as it will consume the space equal to your RAM size ..(If you have 2 GB RAM … 2GB will be reserved for it in your system partition).

4.System Restore – though helpful but uses a lot of HD space if not maintained properly …. So start your disk clean-up it can be found in Start Menu->All programs->Accessories->System tools…. Start it and select the more options tab … check out the third option which reads “Delete all your checkpoints except the recent ones” click on the cleanup button and then press OK… (Just check your Hard disk space before cleaning up and after cleaning up !! and see the difference )

5.If you don’t use System Restore you can disable it …Start system restore (again it can be found in the same place) .Click on system restore settings on your left panel and turn off system restore settings on all drives or you can turn off on every drive except your system partition…

6.Disable your Recycle bin as it will occupy some HD Space… Right click on it and select properties….

Before doing all this check your HD space and check after doing it