Greeting folks,

I have to share my experience when I was in Google Bangalore. It was around 10am Mr.Nikil Kulkarni called me and asked to attend Random Hacks of kindness, which was held at Google, Old Madras Road. My self and Vijay Sali as I told in my previous post, we both are like Jai and Veeru of Bollywood’s Sholay.

When I entered Google’s lobby @ 4th floor, I was so happy and overwhelmed to see glowing logo of google. For me it was a dream come true.I never thought I would visit google one day and gone stay for a day long.
To be frank I was not knowing what was happening.

After the registration I came to know what was really going on, Myself and Vijay were little tensed and confused what to do, we were able see only geeks who are coding and discussing something. Finally Mr.Praveen organizer of the event came to us and explain about the event.

Were stood in front of the notice boarding reading problem definitions, but worried about further things.

Finally we approached Mr.Bhaskar’s team who is a principal engineer at yahoo!, who was working on traffic management system and was provide some unique solutions, we started working with him soon, he explained what is has planned.

Whole day we spent coding and drink and eating, ha I must say, food was awesome at google, we had everything and anything,from North Indian to Mexican, sweets, pastries, soft drinks,cookies,dry fruits, it was like a heaven.

Rest rooms were special at Google, they have implemented a new concept, I think this can be implemented in Colleges. The process of learning continues though you are in toilet. I discovered something unique, so all the whole it was mind blowing..

Google Rocks!!!