Class360 previously known as Cloud Based Teaching System,

Institute management system titled “Class360”. We have available today the tools and resources needed for the successful practice of web-based teaching-learning system. By “Class360” we mean a method of teaching where web is the point of contact between teacher and learner. This system may be used independently or in conjunction with class room teaching. In an existing system includes paper works made by human so the times taken to maintain all these details are very long and also tedious to implement. Our Proposed system overcomes these drawbacks of existing system, which is implemented in automated manner.“Class360” includes registration of a new faculty member, faculty delievering the content, student registering for a particular course,conducting online tests, providing assignemts to the students.

“Class360” is intended to maintain the teaching content online. In the existing and traditional system where the faculty delivers the teaching content in the class-room.Its also called as class-room teaching system.In today’s era where the web is gaining popularity and each and every user fulfills all his needs online.“Class360” delivers the teaching system online so that the student can access the all the class room contents online.Facilitating student and teacher to interact with each other using already available resources.

Modules of Class360:

Authentication: The faculty can access the cloud resources through signing in into the application by using his Google accounts ID. Faculty to register himself with the admin before he tries to access the application.
Administrator: The Admin provides the access permission to the faculty to get into the application. Admin can also fetches the details of the faculty.
Dashboard: Dashboard is the one stop single window services which provides all the services in the single page.

Post: Blogs allows the authenticated faculty to post new content which reaches all the students of the group. Faculty can add title and also content at the same page.

Display: It displays the content of the all the blogs of the related faculty and also displays the content of the blog.

Mail: Mailing system utilizes the g mail services and allows faculty to send e-mails and also receive and view mails from his in box.

Docs: Docs is the most important module of the project it allows faculty to create docs online like word processor, create online presentation and can deliver the presentations directly to the student’s in box. Can conduct online tests using Google forms which are stored in the Google spreadsheets which is a online application and shows the results directly. It also allows the faculty member to test online assignments directly and with date and time stamps.

Contacts: Contacts module allows the faculty to maintain all his online contacts and also send mails directly to either individual or to a group of people.

For this particular project the enhancements that can be made are following

Ø The complete adaptations of this kind of system are deployed in corporate sectors.

Ø The same kind of system can be implemented for management of library system; Staff leaves system and other administrative work systems

Ø Google Groups can be integrated with Google channels which are SMS services

Ø Can be developed for students and made a closed group application.

Ø Time stamps and time driven events can also be integrated with the Forms while conducting online test and assignments.