McAfee, an end-point security company, has advised Internet users to follow these five tips to protect their computers and personal information:

* Stick to well-established and trusted sites that include trust marks (icons or seals from third parties verifying that the site is safe), user reviews and customer support. A reputable trust mark provider will have a live link attached to its trust mark icon, which will take visitors to a verification Web site of the trust mark provider.

*Do not respond to offers that arrive in a spam email, text or instant message.

*Preview a link’s web address before you click on it to make sure it is going to an established site. Never download or click anything from an unknown source.

*Stay away from vendors that offer prices well below the norm. Don’t believe anything that’s too good to be true.

*Make sure to use trusted Wi-Fi networks. Don’t check bank accounts or shop online if you’re not sure the network is safe