Here is a good news for all the android users, my cousin Mr.Dileep Bapat has developed a new app for android called “Jaataka” is a horoscope application.

Jaataka is a vedic astrology (jyotish) application for casting horoscope, supports south & north indian chart, Vimshottari dasa upto antar-antar-antar, ruling planets and significators (Krishnamoorty paddati). Save and load charts or cast current chart with Now option. Report bugs

Recent changes:
+ Added navamsha chart on right, slide right from main screen.
+ added option to choose btw DMS or decimal for lat long
+ option to show navamsha number in main chart.
+ added new circular chart for better visualization (experimental).
* will be adding custom divisional charts like 2, 3, 5…

Screen Shots