WiFi is a very easy feature available for the anti-social persons to use it for their destructive purposes . If you have WiFi connection, make sure that it is secured.

Here is some measures you need to take to secure your WiFi connection.

Enable firewalls on each computer and router: Modern network routers contain built-in firewall capability, but the option also exists to disable them. Ensure that your router’s firewall is turned on.

Position the router or access point safely: While installing WiFi, ensure that the position of the access point or router prevents its reach to the exterior as much as possible. Try to position the device as far away from the windows as possible.

Turn off network during extended periods of non-use: Avoid leaving your network available when you are not using it. Shutting down your network will most certainly prevent outside hackers from breaking in.

Avoid using default usernames and passwords: Use a login/password on your router that is different than the default settings. Most routers are made available with a default combination that can be hacked

Enable MAC Address filtering: Each wireless device has a unique identifier called the MAC address. Access points and routers keep track of the MACs for all devices that connect to them. It ensures that rogues cannot connect to it

Avoid auto-connect to open wireless networks: Your connection allows you to connect to an open wireless network such as a free wireless hotspot or your neighbour’s router. This exposes your PC to security risks and attacks.

Limit the no of people who can see your network by disabling the SSID broadcast: The wireless access point or router typically broadcasts the SSID over the air at regular intervals. Home users can avoid this facility.