t’s the holiday season and Google wants to do its part about caring and sharing. The thing that Google has hit upon this time is a website, called TeachParentsTech.org that has video tutorials to help people do basic things that any youngster of this generation would do with ease.

Often, the tech embracing elders in your house would have asked you doubts regarding the use of the computer and the internet. Sometimes you would be a bit bemused and think how they don’t know these simple things. Then you would realize that they were not really part of the computer using generation, unlike you. Google has come up with a website to aid you in providing first hand information about these things.


All you need to do is point your browser to TeachParentsTech.org and you can select any number of videos on various topics that you can send to your dad, mom, uncles or neighbours. You can send a custom email with all the links to the videos you have selected from about 50 different topics, ranging from copy and paste, shorten a long url, set up an email auto responder to finding a pizza restaurant near you. Not surprisingly, the videos advocate everyone to use different services of Google to alleviate their problems. Not all problems are addressed here, but it’s a start. In fact, I would recommend all the elders to visit the website and watch the one minute videos about the topics that they are not familiar about. It’s a neat website and a good idea. Nice one, Google!