Atlantic.Net, a private hosting solutions provider, recently announced the launch of “Atlantic Net Cloud Servers” which is proclaimed to be an industrial standard, hugely scalable, completely secure and strong platform for cloud computing.

Atlantic.Net provides many types of easily installed cloud products, including public cloud for self-serve provisions, private and secured cloud for different companies. Hybrid solutions are also offered by mixing most advanced web technologies with cloud. Cloud Servers curb the hassle of constant up-gradation of cycles and also reduce investment capital input for big companies. This allows computing services to measure up to demand or come down to it.

Atlantic.Net Cloud Servers provides organizations of any scale to easily build, test and organize Windows or Linux servers immediately and relax with the additional benefits of pay-as-you-go payment system and free installation.

The Director of Data Centre Services, John Simon states that the team studied any information available to make it into the next generation of computing. He proclaims to have introduced features not offered by any other platform. This is also proven by the infrastructure that operates at 40 GB per second, with a speed that is 400 times faster than competitors