Android phones are becoming the buzz word in the mobile world. But lot of people are unsure about what makes the phone so special or what makes android phones different from the rest.

I will take you on a tour highlighting the key difference of android phones.

1. Smart Phone: First the phone is a smart phone. It lets you install tons of application and get the best out of your phone. I am sure you know this although Smile.

2. Google: The Android Platform is developed and maintained by Google and its an open platform. So possibilities are endless.

3. Android Market: The Android phones are also different because their is a dedicated market for Android Applications. There are more than 150,000 application listed in the android market at the time of writing this. Anyone can download and install the application easily and on the fly.

4. Hardware Flexibility: The Google android is an open platform, so the manufacturers has the option to fit in whatever hardware that comes on their way. This is makes it android different from the IPhone. IPhone comes with proprietary OS IOS. Apple controls the operating system and you are fixed with the hardware of the iPhone and unfair prices of IPhones. In India IPhone 4 cost approx. INR 40,000 +

5. Budget consideration: Since the core operating system is developed by Google. The manufactures only need to port the handsets with specific drivers. This saves their lot of R&D cost. This makes it possible to have budget smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy 3 i5500, i5800 are the best example of budget android phones.

6. High customisations: The android platform allows unlimited customisations on your screen layout. You can have multiple home screens and it also allows you to choose your own wallpapers which is still a dream on Apple IPhone. The Android phones also has live wallpaper feature which is very appealing in its own way.

7. Google Integration: This is one of the best features of Google android phones. As soon as you link you Google accounts , it syncs you Google contacts, Google Picasa albums and more. I was surprised to see my entire Picasa gallery minutes after i gave my Google Id when requested on the home screen. This is something not very easy on other smartphones.

8. Better notifications: The notifications about your Email , SMS, Status updates are very reliable and convenient on android. The are easily accessible on the home screen.

9. Facebook contacts: The contacts screen will display your Google contacts as well the Facebook contacts. It also fetches the images and birthdays of your contacts. A cool feature to make android different isn’t it?