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Why should i give my build to google or microsoft in the name of cloud or whatever . .

I am going against cloud . . . .

Google is having my ( gmail ) username and password thats much they have . . .

See the video where CEO of google . . . .. .. . “only the guilty have anything to hide”.

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Google continues to push away at improving its platform-as-a-service offering, the Google App Engine API. It has already seen two minor releases this year with the latest release bringing in much needed updates to the XMPP and Task Queue APIs. An earlier release in the year focused on the High Replication Datastore, that was clearly targeted to mission critical applications.

The announcement post highlights the main features available in the latest version. The release is available for both Python and Java.

The XMPP API is a key service available in the Google App Engine infrastructure to allow your application to send and receive messages from any XMPP-compliant messaging service, such as Google Talk. The key features added in 1.4.2 release are to do with Subscription and Presence notifications. Your Application can now get notified if a user signs in and out and when their status changes. Your application can also announce its presence details to the users by sending the application’s presence via the sendPresence() call. Optionally, this can include a status message.

The Task Queue API service allows for background processing by inserting tasks (web hooks) into a queue. App Engine will then execute them subject to some criteria. The Task Queue API enhancements include a programmatic way to delete your tasks. Additionally, the API now has a maximum execution rate of 100 tasks per minute and allowing an application to specify the maximum number of concurrent requests per queue.

The App Engine team has an updated roadmap for the product, too. Upcoming features include SSL for domains, data store import/export tools and integration with the Google Storage API

ICC World Cup Android App

Its a pleasure for me to write this article on my blog, my friend Kavya Bhat who is android developer, has come up with Android App exclusive for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, if you are cricket fan then you must try this.
You can download the app from android market place

here are the screen shots:

nursery rhyme turned horror . .

sorry not related to geeks but , just time pass . .

nagavalli nagavalli

yes papa

drinking rakhta

no papa

open your mouth










laka laka laka laka laka laka

laka laka laka laka laka laka

laka laka laka laka . .

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Why Android is better than Symbian

I’ve have been using an Android-powered HTC Wildfire from few weeks, and it’s been quite interesting experience.Now i became lover of Andriod OS.I have noticed several things that why Android completely dominates Symbian and wanted to share with you all.

1. Integration.
This is the first thing that Symbian really needs to address , specifically for Nokia handsets. As a part of procedue,whike setting up your Andriod phones for the first time,the strat up process will ask the user if he has google account,if the user selects yes,all the information such as,contacts,calender etc.. associated with your account is synchronized with the Android device.
But, On a Symbian powered device, the user will have to individually need to download,and set up the mail,contacts and other stuffs.and the user need to repeatedly need to login.
2. Applications.
This is the major advantage for the Andriod users.  At last count, the number of Apps on the Android Market exceeds the 100,000 mark.And still increasing,but Symbian Applications are less compare to Andriod.Its API is based on Java rather than C++ in conventional symbian OS.
3.Platform Updates
Any Patform updates can be done throught the-air, no need to connect to PC then update ur mobile as found on Symbian mobiles.As soon as the Platform updates come, we can update our mobile version from using GPRS/WiFi connection only, no need of PC.Still most of the Symbian featured mobile dont have this option.
The one big thing for me is that the Android browser is much, much better than the Symbian browser. I find I had difficulty opening some web sites on the Symbian browser. The Android browser seems to be able to open almost any web site I would visit on my PC. You can get around the Symbian browser problems by installing a different browser. However, Symbian does not seem to let you change default browsers for all applications. I can change the default browser in Symbian for email links, but I cannot do the same for Gravity (my Twitter app) or Facebook.
Android has surged past Symbian to become the world’s best-selling smartphone operating system, according to Canalys. Now Nokia is also not interested in Symbian ,so they joined with Microsoft to give competition to Android.




Well, most of the software development all over the world is done on and for Microsoft Windows Operating System. Dot Net is now the standard software development environment for the Microsoft Windows operating system.  It dramatically simplifies the development of windows, web based, data access applications, components, controls and web services. Dot net comes with amazing features like XML configuration, reflection, and attributes to ease the overall software development life cycle.  Finally, the dot net is supported by the Microsoft Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment; the best IDE available for any software development environment. Visual Studio .NET (VS.NET) supports all the areas of software development from project creation to debugging and installation.


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hybrid battery Vs Normal battery

For more details follow the link

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Rule number one : don’t screw around with the browser of your enduser. Say that you were able to filter out the print menu item. What about the keyboard combination ctrl + P? You could override that again with some javascript but that only leaves the enduser clueless as you’re overriding standard functionality and that’s a big nono.

Besides that, you’re using javascript. That can be turned off by an enduser and then your clipboard erasing script also doesn’t work anymore. Poof and there goes your protection level.

try it . .

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for firefox try as below:


    • 1

      Make sure the new media player is installed on your computer. Popular media players include Real Player, QuickTime, Windows Media Player and WinAmp.

    • 2

      Open Mozilla Firefox and click “Tools” and then “Options” on the main menu.

    • 3

      Click the “Applications” tab. Scroll down on the list of file types until you find all of your media file types, including playlists, audio and videos.

    • 4

      Select the “Action” column box next to each of your media file types. You will see a drop-down box.

    • 5

      Change your default media player for each file type by clicking “Use other.” Choose “Always Ask” from the list if you want the browser to ask you every time which media player you want to use, or choose “Save File” if you want to automatically save the file to your computer instead of opening it.

    • 6

      Press “OK” to close the dialog box. Close and restart your browser to activate the new settings. Click on a song or video file in your browser to make sure it recognizes your choice from Step 4 and opens the file in your new default media player.

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