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Skype Introduces Group video calling

Share, celebrate and collaborate from anywhere in the world. There’s so much you can do together over group video

At home

Experience the magic of having your loved ones together for regular family catch ups. Ideal if you work from home, too. Simply add two or more people to a video call to get together face-to-face.

At work
Group video calling can help you to build relationships and work effectively with colleagues, customers and clients from all over the world. Plus cutting down on travel means more time with loved ones at home.
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Drag and Drop Uploading for YouTube Videos

Drag and Drop Uploading for YouTube Videos

Why download YouTube videos when it’s so easy to upload videos? Now you can drag and drop multiple videos on YouTube’s upload page instead of using the operating system’s file open dialog. The new feature requires a recent version of Google Chrome and Firefox because it uses HTML5 APIs.

Two other Google services that support drag and drop uploading are Gmail and Google Docs, but other services will probably follow suit.

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