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iPhone Vs Android

Of all the things in the world, why am I concerned with getting screenshots on a phone. What can I say? That has become a pet peeve of mine. Getting a screenshot should be as simple as hitting Print Screen. Phones do not have that luxury and iPhone especially has very few hardware keys. To get a screenshot on an iPhone you have to use two hardware keys.

One has to press the power-on button and power-off button to get a screenshot. Remember that both the buttons have to be pressed in unison and they have to be in sync. If your synchronized effort is a hit then you will hear a nice little flashing sound. If not then you will go back to the home screen. It needs practice and patience. At least it is straight forward.

Getting a screenshot of the Android phone isn’t so easy. Let me show you couple of pictures :

google add-shortcuts

Those are the screenshots from Micromax A60. For me to get those two pictures I had to spent two days figuring things out. May be because I am new to Android. Let me lay out the process to get a screenshot on Android.

  1. Install JDK (1.6 or later)
  2. Install Android SDK
  3. Run DDMS.bat file in the sdk tools folder.
  4. If you are lucky then a good window comes up. If not then a bad window comes up and you will be severely abused.
  5. Enable USB Debugging on your phone.
  6. After you get past #4, connect your phone to the computer.
  7. If you are lucky then the phone will be recognized. If not then you will end up with a bunch of ?????. Screen Capture tool throws a big X mark.
  8. When that happens, you basically are clueless. All the information on the net will only get you till #7 and hope that it works. What would happen if it doesn’t work at #7? You basically have to get creative. Restore the phone to factory settings, Enable USB Debugging again and then you will get nice screenshots. Two more to celebrate my victory :

main-screen-1 tgf-1

9. And finally, you can take screenshots like crazy by the Screen Capture tool.

From the look of it, getting a screenshot on an iPhone looks easier. For the uninitiated it probably is. The real power of the Andriod OS kicks in only after you get past the 7-9 steps above. You can basically take a screen shot at every small change in the screen of an application. Something which is very difficult in iPhone.



Mobile Developer Conference on 22nd Jan 2011

Who will be attending Siliconindia Mobile Developer Conference ?
Mobile Developer Conference is for both current and future developers of mobile content. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced programmers of mobile content. While most of the topics will be technical in nature, we aim to also include coverage of usability and design considerations for this platform. We also will have some content covering how to monetize mobile content, what the mobile market looks like, and how to market your mobile product and services.

• Architects
• Application Developers
• Application Managers
• Technologists and Entrepreneurs
• Product Managers
• Mobile strategists

Drawing well-renowned thought-leaders, contributors, influencers, and organizations in the Mobile Development space, the conference offers is the must-attend developer forum. Attendees meet, mingle, and exchange ideas with like-minded participants on groundbreaking technologies and emerging industry trends, through informal networking, peer discussions

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